The objectives of FOCI are:

  1. To represent its members in their individual and collective capabilities.
  2. To secure for its members the greatest possible freedom in the conduct of their business, having due regard to corresponding freedom on the part of others.
  3. To develop and maintain friendly relations between the members themselves and those with whom they have business relations.
  4. To protect members against attack when a question of principle affecting members generally is at stake.
  5. To secure mutual support and co-operation in dealing with demands made by or upon any individual, group of individuals or organised body whatsoever.
  6. To inaugurate and maintain for the Federation a system of Finance which shall maintain the whole organisation in a sound and efficient condition.
  7. To promote the formation of convenient organisation and sections within the Federation.
  8. To correlate the work of organisation throughout the Federation so that the whole shall proceed in accordance with the general plan, and shall so function that the whole shall be equally well organised throughout.
  9. To protect the members individually and/or collectively against strikes or disputes with workmen or against losses incurred by acting in conformity with the decisions or recommendations of the Federation or its Council.
  10. To safeguard the interest of members and to obtain from Government Departments, Public Bodies, Professional Societies, Manufacturer’s and Merchants’ Associations, Individual Officials or members thereof and others fair and equitable treatment for members in relation to conditions of tendering, bills of quantities, conditions of contract, specifications, supply of materials, and in other way.
  11. To examine all legislative measures which may affect or tend to affect the Building and Civil Engineering Industry, and if necessary take measures in support thereof or opposition thereto.
    To promote the formation of regularised methods of procedure in regard to:

[a] The negotiations and conclusions of agreement relating to wages, hours and other conditions of employment.

[b] The adjustment of any differences arising out of the operation of such agreements.

[c] The prevention of cessation of work pending such adjustments, and

[d] The adjustment of differences involving demarcation work.